School Fees as from September 2017

Infant Fees

Reception Class.

As from September 2017 Early Years Government Funding will be available until the end of the term in which the child is 5. This will amount to 30 hours per week and fees will be adjusted accordingly. Parents will need to meet certain criteria, details will be available by contacting the school either by emailing Raphaelschool@hotmail.com or by telephone on 01708-744735

Fees for Early Years (without funding)
£563.75 per month
£2,255 per term

Infant School (P1, P2)

£563.75 per month
£2,255 per term

Junior Fees

Junior School (J3, J4, J5, J6)
£665.00 per month
£2,660.00 per term

Senior Fees

Lower Seniors (S7, S8, S9)
£770.00 per month
£3,080 per term

Upper Seniors (S10, S11)
£812.50 per month
£3,250.00 per term

There are three terms in each school year. Fees include exercise books and textbooks.

Fees are due termly in advance or, alternatively, annual fees may be paid in 12 monthly instalments from August to July.

In addition to the fees an initial Bond payment of £700.00 per child is required upon acceptance of a place. The sum of £500 is returnable when the child leaves, subject to there being no outstanding bills or charges and subject to a full term’s notice of withdrawal having been given (other than for Year 11). £200 will be retained by the school.


The following items are not covered by the school fees quoted above:

  • School meals if required
  • Lost exercise books, textbook lost or damaged through negligence.
  • School trips and outings; parents are always advised in advance of any proposed visits and their costs.
  • Entry fees for public examinations.
  • Bank charges on returned cheques and interest on unpaid, overdue fees (see relevant section of Agreement between Parents and Raphael Independent School).

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